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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nails Diary

A little bit over a year ago i didn't paid much attention to my nails now i can't stand to have them naked it drives my crazy.How did that chance?

Well i discover that is something that i really enjoy doing and that i can show i little bit of my personality through my nails. For some people it did make sense but i found that i wasn't the only one i could see girls on facebook, instagram and youtube showing their love for nail polish and nail art, i came to realise there is a community around that passion and i really enjoy going through my instagram and seeing beautiful designs and art to those girl put some much effort to created.

Me personally, i suck doing nail art but is something that always wanted to improve i just haven find a place were i can show me fail attempts, i want to use these blog for that.

Maybe i can share a little about me first. 
Im from Honduras, I came to USA when i was 16, I'm 25 at the moment i love to read, love music, movies, makeup and especially nail polish.
I'm super lucky that my family supports this passion of me,they are the most important thing in the world for me i know that i can always count on them and the know that i have always have different ways of showing my ideas and what i'm passionate about. i really hope people are interested in what i have to said and can help me to learn new thing. 

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