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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My nail care routine

Hi there i just wanted to share my nail care routine, my nail use to be really brittle and use to peel all the time i was really desperate and i though that there was nothing that could actually help i try different vitamins, strengthening polish but nothing seemed to work until a couple of months ago, i changed a couple of thing in my routine and now i can see the difference.                        

unfortunately i don't have a before picture but there is definitely a big difference, here are some of the products that i use:

  • to remove my nail polish I use  Zoya remove + is a 3 in 1 nail polish remover, it removes the polish but is gentle with your nail it doesn't leave them dry and it helps to prep the nail for your next manicure
  • for my cuticle i use Julep vanish is a cuticle softener and remover, just apply a few drops on your nail. gently push  back your cuticle (just push them back don't cut them) and wash your hand.    
  • the next item I don't feel that comfortable recommending it not because it doesn't work but because of the chemicals on it but i did work for me i only use it when i feel that my nail are getting soft again. Quimica Alemana apply this carefully avoid cuticles, dont use more than a thin layer.
  • for my every day base coat i go back and for between Orly bonder and Formula x for sephora both off them are really good and really help my manicure to last longer.             
  • to top coat my manicure i have two favorite fast drying top coats the first one is seche vite i dries super fast and is super shiny and HK girl top coat also dries fast and shiny.     

I hope these help anyone how is looking for something one to try, i love all of these products for me they are the best.

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